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Provincia Romana On Sale!
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Provincia Romana On Sale!

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Gaul, 52 BCE: Vercingetorix has gathered together the many tribes with the promise of pushing the Romans from their lands forever. With such a force at his command, can your city hold until Caesar's legions return?

Provincia Romana is a game of strategy and urban development for 2-6 players.  In this city builder set in ancient Roman times, you are the leader of one of the devastated cities in Gaul assigned to rebuilding the city to its former glory.  

You must manage your city's economy and resources in order to build your city up from the very first statue to a magnificent and prosperous city.  You must set your city's defenses, preparing for the Gallic raids while forging dubious agreements with the powerful Roman Senate.

If you do not want to face destruction, you must maintain everything to the high standards of Roman greatness. Success will reward you with prestige and glory.

Success will reward you with prestige and glory.  Becoming the most prestigious Legate and you will be chosen as the new Proconsul of a mighty Provincia Romana!

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