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Phantoms vs Phantoms On Sale!
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Phantoms vs Phantoms On Sale!

Product Information

When you encounter a phantom on a dark and gloomy night, you never know if he is good or bad. In this witty game, each player has 4 good and 4 bad phantoms. However, all of the phantoms look the same, except a small marker on their backs, so you never know what is standing in front of you! 

The rules are very simple: Each player, in turn, moves one of their phantoms one space forward, backward or sideways - left or right. Your phantom can easily over-take other phantoms by moving onto their square, but, BEWARE! Over-taking a bad phantom by mistake works against you and brings your opponent closer to winning.


There are three ways to win:

  • Guiding a good phantom to escape exit, or
  • Capture your opponent's 4 good phantoms, or,
  • Causing your opponent to capture your 4 bad ghosts.

Perception, tactics and magical powers.

Players: 2

From: 8 years

Gametime: 15 minutes

Price: $39.99 $19.99

Product Code: BoardPhantomsvsPhantoms
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